Sunday, February 15, 2009

Out with the old....

It's been almost a year since Brinley was born. My oh my have things changed. This week I'm going through all of Brinley's clothes in preparation for an upcoming event. I've never consigned any of her clothes before and I'm finding it harder and harder to let these items go. Memories of her first year are making it nearly impossible to find things to sell.

This onesie is from thin... and I can't get rid of it. It means something to me because I still remember the moment that we lay down on her playmat and took these pictures. She wasn't even two weeks old yet. I can remember the way she smelt, the little noises she made, the sound of her yawn, how bright her eyes were and how tiny she was.

This is a cheap, $4 Target brand onsie that she wore to her two week doctors appointment. She had lost nearly two pounds since her birth and was wasting away. The doctor put her on medicated formula and she threw up an entire bottle all over this onsie. We sat in aunt stephy's office and I nearly bawled as I watched her throw up the formula that she needed so badly. I can't let it go.

This is a BabyGap shirt I got at a consignment store before she was born. I paid somewhere around $4.00 for it. I could sell it now at the JBF sale and make at least a 3.00 profit on it but I can't. She wore this shirt to church week after week, her birth and dedication announcement invitations were photographed in this shirt. She wore it with a pair of white shorts that were so long that they went down to her ankles and she was still the cutest thing on the block. I won't let this go.

This is a Harley Davidson onsie that was purchased for her Aunt Stephy's enjoyment. I would never have voluntarily purchased the outfit other than for the mere enjoyment of making her Aunt beam with pride. I will not shall not could not sell this.

This was the first outfit she smiled in. Nope - not letting it go.

A bib is cheap - meant to be disgusting and dirty. A bib's entire existence is to be soiled. Why keep it? Why not just throw it in a big ziploc bag and sell a bundle of them for $2.00? Because this was the first time she ate solids. Green Beans. We were watching Finding Nemo. It was 7:00 at night and Jason was down at his parents helping them with their house. I shall not let this go.

This onsie is now bleach stained all down the front and it should be thrown away or used for a rag but I won't do it. This is the onsie she wore the first night she started sitting up on her own.

Enough said - Our first and not the last OU cheer outfit for halloween 08.

Brinley's first OU Football game!! Who could let such a thing go? Never I say!

Her sleeper from the last night in her pack and play in our bedroom. From here on out she's been in her room in a big girl crib! These are neatly folded under my bed so that they're always there to remind me!!

Brinley's first Christmas morning pajamas. She was SIIIICK! Had a head cold and sores under her nose from all the weeks of snot. But in true Brinley style she was still happy, excited to see you and continually curious about everything. These pajamas are supposed to be for 18 months but at 9 months they fit her perfectly! Go figure!

There are so many more that I can't 'Bear' to give up. I know my attic will be full of baby clothes but I just can't part with them. It would be like admitting that my baby is growing up and good heavens we can't have any of that!

She's going to be one year old in two days shy of a month. I feel like bawling and congratulating myself for making it thus far. I hope and pray that the next years of her life go by with as many memories and more! I can only pray that I'm there for the best and the worst for her and that she knows just how much her mommy loves her.

Someone stop her. She must not grow up.


Stephy said...

Welp, that's it. You made Aunt Stephy cry and now I have a big ol' lump in my throat. Grrr to you mommy!

I can't believe how big she has gotten. (I know that is the most overly used statement ever, but honestly.) I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday she was 5 pounds and soooo tiny in that god-awful office of mine.

But honestly, I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING in the world! I love my sweet Bears and what she is growing into! LOVE HER!!!!!

Romney family said...

so i know I dont really "know" you or your baby, but this made me cry. It was sad but beautiful and happy. you made me smile and happy to see what a wonderful mommy you are. I was going through Irelands clothes last night to get ready for this new baby and I could tell you when she wore almost all of them too. how fun!!