Monday, June 30, 2008

Norwegians and Pastries

Two things rule my mind at the moment. Norwegians and Pastries.

Norwegians - My sister finally returned home from Norway today. She's a different person. A better person. She looks like the refreshing breeze of life has just been gently blowing on her for the last two weeks. She's exhausted and still absolutely beautiful. The way she talks about the land and the cultures you would think God made her specifically to be a Norwegian. She learned so much in just two weeks. The peace and calm she has about her is beyond compare. I envy her but I am so very happy for her. This is exactly what she needed and when she needed it. God's little refresher course.

Pastries - I'm enrolling in pastry classes left and right at a local tech school. I'm so excited. I have about one a week all the way through September. This is my effort to really hone in my calling. I've battled with the desire to bake and the desire to teach just too long now and it's time to really make a decision. I know there's not as much money in baking as there is in teaching but there's not even that much in teaching so I'm not really convinced it's going to make that great of a difference. I'm so excited about the classes though. I've printed out my enrollment and it's stuck to my fridge (with my new Norwegian magnet courtesy of my sister) with great pride and anticipation. I just can't wait. Every time I pass by it I smile and get excited.

Brinley is 31/2 months and cutting her first tooth, not to mention she has a head cold at the same time. I took her to the doc thinking she had an ear infection and it just turned out to be a head cold and then we discovered the tooth a few days ago. She is 13.5 pounds now and has the thighs and cankles to prove it! It's amazing how quickly she's growing and how much she has changed. The hair in the front of her hair has mysteriously disappeared, also. Not like there was much to begin with but now it's gone. I miss it. We'll survive.

One more thing - I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Time with Bear is going by all too quickly. I can't believe she's 3 months already. Such a big girl. She has really come into her own. I love her personality and her expressions and can't wait to see how she matures.

I see so much of Jason in her and I love it. From the way her eyes smile to how far her ears stand off her head. She's definitely her daddy's girl. It is, however, the most amazing feeling in the world to have her cry for me or calm down the second she hears my voice or that I hold her. I've never known a bond like that and I can't even begin to explain what it does to my heart.

To watch her grow, achieve milestones and make advancements well beyond her age make me more appreciative of this gift of life and salvation. It makes me appreciate the sacrifice that Christ made for us all that much more. My baby girl has been my saving grace and my spiritual wake up call. Goodness only knows where I would be without her. Love.