Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thinking about starting school back up part time. I had an appopintment with my advisor today and I can tell you that school is the last place Satan wants me right now. Everything was working against me all morning and when I was in the office listening to her go over everything I needed I had to resist the urge to throw up my hands and just walk out.

On the walk to the advisement offices Satan was litterally screaming at me. I could hear the insults, the negative thoughts, the insecurities and every foolish things he was trying as loud as an audible voice yelling at me. I sat in the lobby and waited as he continued. So instead of looking like a real idiot and yelling back I wrote back.

This is not your day – it is mine. I am here for my future, for the future of my children and for the betterment of my family. You have fought long and hard and no longer do you win. I am good enough for this. I am smart enough for this. I do deserve this. How dare you make me believe that I am not. I am a daughter of the King and you have no hold on me. I am here to serve the Lord and to bring His grace to students. Back off, back down and know that I am the Lord’s. My future is in HIS hands…..so long.

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Stephy said...

Two Words, spoken in Norwegian.

UFF DA!!!!

That is all I have to say! WOW! Proud of you seester!!! Soooooo freaking Proud!