Monday, February 9, 2009

Case of the Mondays

I hate working for women. If I could work for men my entire life I would be just fine. They tell you straight forward what they expect of you and are much less passive aggressive. Not my luck any more. I hate girls...drama drama drama!

Friday was a very bad day. The day started with arguments with my daycare lady, mid day I let my anger get the best of me and said some choice words at my boss and hung up on her and then ended with a very big bottle of wine and a three paged complaint letter to the head-hanchos about my boss. Yes that's right - I got a backbone and tried it on for size. Evidentaly it suits me. All weekend I worried about sending the letter and was in a panic about the results of my actions. I was told by a fine lady on Sunday night that Worry isn't God. So last night and this morning I gave it up. I prayed until I fell asleep last night and all morning getting ready and driving to work this morning. Finally I received a note from the head boss praising me for stepping forward and making myself heard. We spoke on the phone later and his legitimacy blew me away. What I said in the note was professional but honest and he appreciated that with sincerity. Only a God that loves the flawed could have turned this situation out this way. I am so grateful that He is my God.

Today's random fact: I still wear the promise ring Jason bought me on our two month anniversary.

Well I'm off to do some writing and post-work-work.
God is good - all the time.

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Stephy said...

Love You Seester! Doesn't it feel A-MAZING when you stand up for yourself. Who woulda thunk it!?!?

Proud of you my love!!!!