Monday, January 12, 2009


I was looking for a new desktop background the other day and I stubmbled upon this picture (see full size picture). I was sucked in and all of a sudden I was there. I popped open my word tablet and closed my eyes. My train of thought led me to a place my creative mind wouldn't have normally gone.
I was blessed with a new story and this was not just another one of my hobby stories about life and love gone wrong - this is the one that God has been telling me to write. The one I've been putting off because of hesitations in my own religious life. This is story is my battle.

Here's my train of thought as the beginning page.

The rush of the warm water covers her feet. The flecks of rain paint her face. The fresh salt of the wind chaps her lips.
Sand engulfs the entirety of her feet. Whispers of ocean secrets whip in her ears. Invigorating crisp air fills her tired lungs.
Imagination rolls in synchronicity with the ocean. Rocks engraved with salty tear stains stand proudly beaten and worn in the lapping ocean. Whispering wings glide through the damp air in search of a meal.
Gray clouds of dark fill the bright sky.
This was her haven. This was where she longed to be when all her life was too much and everything seemed beyond her control. A quiet, peaceful place that brought calm to even the most distraught of all the tormented souls. Comfort rolled over her soul as the water rolled into the beach from the endless ocean.
Nothing was big enough to interrupt her.
Nothing but God.
Norah, my daughter.
Her eyes closed and she took in another salted breath. “Daddy, I’m here.”
I have always loved you.

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