Sunday, August 24, 2008

JBF Sale

HOLY CRAPOLI PEOPLE!!! Everyone needs to get on this website and find a sale in your area! I can't believe the bargains I found today! Almost all of the items I bought for bear still had original tickets on them. Old Navy, Gap, Carters, The Childrens Place, Gymboree, Starter, Kissy Kissy, Genuine Kids - and that's just the 6-12 month racks. Bouncy seats, high chairs, rocking horses, playmats/jungle gyms, pack n plays, strollers, car seats, cribs, crib sets, high chairs, bumbos, swings, exercausers, jumperoos, push toys and OH MY GOSH! SOO MUCH STUFF!!!! Formula, toys, bibs, puzzles, books, preast pumps, bottles, bath toys, bath seats, potty training seats, portable swings, halloween costumes, shoes, socks, barbie houses, playmate kitchen sets, play houses, dressers, beds - I could go on for days. All of it has to be inspected and approved before being put out on the sale floor. They are so meticulous! Nothing is stained nothing is scratched or shows any sign of wear and tear. It all looks sooooo brand new it's amazing.
Here is a slideshow of what I got bear today - all totaled $101 dollars!! The quality of everything just blows me away!!


Rikki said...

I hope you don't think I'm nuts, but I found your blog looking at the archive on Ivillage's siggy showcase board and I saw you had a little girl named Brinley. And I just had to tell you I've got a Brinley too, LOL. I've never seen the name anywhere else! Your little girl is gorgeous BTW!

Romney family said...

so I checked on this website you blogged about, wow! the one by me does not come until spring. :( :( but you got way cute stuff! well, for a cute baby of course! i want ireland to have a lot of cute clothes, and this is the way to go! lol, thanks alot for posting about it!