Sunday, August 1, 2010

three hundred and sixty some odd days later...

did you know it's been a year since I last posted on this blog? did you know that I had completely forgotten this even existed? did you know that I stopped blogging because someone I didn't need to worry about said not nice things and did equally not nice things? did you know she needs more Jesus than she has? did you know I pray for her... not as often as I should but I do?

so it's been a year and here's what's going on.

1. i am writing a book.
b. i have the best job ever at S Studio Salon and Day Spa
III. my daughter is more beautiful than yours.
4. jason is a great husband and he's mine. not yours.
e. i have fantastic friends. be jealous.
VI. my baking company died. i'm going to pull a Lazarus and bring it back.
7. i have fertility problems. again. and again.
h. i have allowed myself to become completely obsessed with music. this time it's good stuff. (no offense hanson or 'nsync - i still love you.)
IX. i take my camera and lap top with me everywhere. ev. ery. where.
10. i secretly like chick-lit. and by 'love' i mean obsessively stalk.

so what can you expect here?
probably a little bit of tactless wit.
book suggestions / reviews.
blips and blurbs.
commas - and a lot of them.

read if you like. stop if you don't.
you'll kill my self-esteem if you don't but that's okay.
go on.
kill it.
i see you.
yes, you.
thanks for nothing.


ps. if you're still here, you're my favorite. like butter - or diet dr. pepper.

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