Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Brinley LOVES her yellow shirt. I put it on the changing table and she grabbed it and started hugging it and playing peek-a-boo with it. What a smart little girl I have!!!

Huggin the shirt!
Uh oh! Where's the bear?!
Oh there she is!
All of a sudden my little girl has this big personality with humor and everything. She's a little person all of a sudden. I love it. She's now cutting two teeth and really ism't being too much of a terror. I'm so blessed. God gave me such a challenge with Brinley's health but we have come out on top and with a much stronger bond than otherwise. She's my little blessing and spiritual lessons all rolled up into one!
Had my first pastry class last night and it was wonderful. I learned so much! You know how if you go to a career guidance counselor they will tell you to think back to your childhood and what you enjoyed doing then. Well I was thinking the other day and I've been baking and decorating cakes and such as long as I can remember. I would sit on the counters and watch grandma bake and pipe cakes. I would bake cookies and brownies whenever possible. I have loved baking from the very start and I'm just now realizing it. Only took me 24 years! DUH!
Well I have cinnamon roll dough that's about done now! I had better run. More later

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mandikins said...

oh what a cute yellow shirt, no wonder she loves it! She really does have a personality! i can see it in all the pictures she is smiling, not just with her mouth, i can see in her eyes she is happy! What an amazing child of God! You are so very lucky. but I am sure you knew that :) that is fun that you are taking baking classes. never really had a love for baking the stuff.... just eating it! :) have a good day!